Fish oil

Health benefits of fish oil:-

Fish oil is oil extracted from the flesh of the head and tail of a fish, deep sea fishing in the winter. Fatty acids in fish oil are many. But more importantly, the adoption of the medical group is a fatty acid omega-3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acid, a polyunsaturated. Omega 3 fatty acids are two types of acid I was in New York in Aion Ignatius EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and acid tracks in Xhosa Hex Aion Ignatius DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), an essential fatty acid to the body. Because the body can not generated them. Must be from food only. For fatty acids omega 6 fatty acids, which are another type of fat in the blood. Found in many vegetable oils such as sunflower oil. Corn oil. Safflower oil. Soybean oil, etc.

In 1976, it is noted that the Inuit. The staple food in the daily life of the fish has a very low incidence of blood clots. And found to have lower blood cholesterol levels. Adhesion of platelets less than Danish, which is the staple food, meat and dairy products, and four years later in the year. Fri 1980 study in Japan found that people who eat fish, a fishing village. The food was the incidence of cardiovascular disease than the general. Adhesion of platelets and blood viscosity under a Japanese village in the daily diet of the animals who live in fishing villages than in the Indian village. Fed animals than 2-fold and is also found in seafood are high in fatty acids EPA.

The acids were extracted from The New York City in Aion far from sardine oil. Packaged in capsules, the volunteers found that eating 1.4 grams a day of volunteer blood viscosity decreased significantly after 4 weeks of eating the same food at the conclusion that reducing the viscosity of the blood, which is one of the mechanisms. Prevent or treat blood clots. Since the year. Fri 1983, the oil began to be known. At that time, but results are not yet finalized and oil. Fish in the prevention of coronary obstruction, certainly. Because the study did not do the extensive Until ten years ago with the publication of reports coming out of that. Fish oil is effective in preventing blood clots. Coronary heart disease. There are also reports that help prevent cancer and arthritis as well.

Source of fish oil in nature is the best fish, oysters and Pacific octopus, sea fish such as salmon, tuna spread, sardines, herring anchovies White Fish Blue Fish shock, Fish trout mackerel. the fish is a fish oil are mackerel, snapper fish, cotton, fish nest, so that the fish caught in natural fatty acids in Omega 3 and Omega-6 in the right proportion. The fish in the pond, the amount of omega 6 than omega-3 fish oil is a food supplement that has gained popularity in the eating. Widely. The cod liver oil are well known. Extracted from the livers of fish such as cod Halifax Herring butter contains vitamins A and D major.

Of tri-glyceride levels in blood. And increased levels of HDL cholesterol. This is a good fat. Fish oil can lower triglyceride levels more quickly. And more effective than corn oil and safflower oil are. Men with high blood triglyceride levels. When to eat about 18 ounces per day for three months, the triglyceride levels and decreased HDL cholesterol levels increased.

Prevention of heart disease and stroke. By reducing the adhesion of platelets. The blood does not clot adhesion. The improved blood flow. Reduce the viscosity of the blood vessel wall. The blood vessel flexibility.

Lower blood pressure. The results of the study found that diets containing fish or fish Hagแkeg the EPA in the amount of 2.2 grams per day can reduce systolic blood pressure in patients with normal blood pressure. With inherited high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. And heart disease at a young age while living. Hagแkeg food fish or mackerel. It also helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood for a period of three months after the return to the same height. In people with moderately high blood pressure. Found that a diet containing fish or fish Hagแkeg said the systolic pressure, and down nearly 10 percent reduction in sodium levels in the blood. The New Forest, which is a hormone made in the kidney, which adversely affect the blood pressure has risen to 64 percent of the study in patients with high blood pressure slightly. The fish oil capsules for 6 weeks showed that the pressure on the systolic and decreased significantly

Relieve pain, inflammation, pain, swelling of the samples for Rheumatology.

Nourish the nervous system and brain. The memory and the ability to learn more.

Reduce the inflammation of psoriasis or eczema.

Acid House Cosa Hex in Aion makers are essential to the development of the retina and brain of the baby. But are unable to synthesize DHA from breast milk to rely on their own. The newborn should be at least 40 mg of DHA per kilogram of body weight. The study also found that children born prematurely. When DHA was added to the milk can be seen more quickly than children who did not receive them. Mothers and women who are breastfeeding, DHA should be consumed regularly. The Acid House Cosa Hex makers have in Aion. Forwarded to the child through the placenta and breast milk.

Acid House Cosa Hex makers in Aion is part of the brain cells and nerve cells, which affects body lacks intelligence if DHA can make the brain cells and nerve cells to be effective. Children this age should be an appropriate amount of DHA. For learning and growth of the brain.
People of working age often suffer from stress regularly. Partly because of the lack of DHA in the right amounts. Acid House Cosa Hex in Aion will go far to strengthen the growth of nerve cells and brain, which serves to transmit information between brain cells together. Makes the brain work better. If you eat foods that are acidic Hex Cosa Mesa CA Aion far more regularly. The higher proportion of DHA in the brain. Stress is reduced and left brain work better.

The elderly is Alzheimer dementia in older people more easily than others do. Know exactly what caused it. But the acid test by the New York Cosa Hex Aion Ignatius of patients with Alzheimer Terry. Japan Found that in the calculation. The ability to make decisions. And the high degree of patient improvement. The patients who received DHA for 6 months, it has been better than those who did not receive DHA significantly.

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of prevention and treatment. Conditions, high blood cholesterol. Should understand the correct way of eating to control symptoms in the blood circuit and a willingness to act in everyday life. To health. Avoid serious diseases. The patients with high cholesterol are important risk factors for coronary artery disease, hardening. Ischemic heart disease.

The key to preventing and reducing dietary cholesterol intake, high blood cholesterol, which is less than 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day, only in foods from animals only. And in certain foods such as egg yolk, in animals, but some aquatic animals. They should avoid eating these foods in large quantities. Meals each day. Which is enough energy to maintain body weight within normal range. The adults should have an index of the physical thickness of about 20-25 kg / sq m. Calculated from body weight. Measured in kilograms. Divided by height in meters squared.

Avoid eating foods that are high in saturated fats such as coconut milk, animal fat and animal flesh with a streaky pork because it is mostly saturated fatty acids and cholesterol in the blood. Eat foods that provide essential fatty acids linoleic regularly. We found about 50 percent in certain vegetable oils such as soybean oil. Corn oil. Avoid eating foods that contain fat, linoleic acid, about 7-10 percent of the energy received as a 2000 kilo calories of energy should be about 16-22 grams of linoleic acid derived from soybean oil. 2-3 tablespoons to help reduce cholesterol in the blood.
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