Health benefits of Asiatic Pennywort

Asiatic Pennywort

The health benefits of Asiatic Pennywort.

Benefits of Asiatic Pennywort (Gotu Kola) is used for treating Bawbk related to the brain for a long time. The result is reliable and has a "brain food" because the ancients believed that eating them will help enhance the functioning of the brain.  By acting as a backup power source to the brain.  And works well both in terms of the treatment of brain damage, the better.  It also prevents the normal brain is destroyed or deteriorated.

It is also used to reduce the stress in the treatment of hard work.  Improve the transmission of nerve impulses.  Reaction flex (Reflex Reaction) or responds to stimuli around us.  Add the ability to work.  Both in terms of physical strength and force the brain to regulate blood pressure is normal.  Reducing sterility Help slow aging.  Or help protect the body by removing toxic residue in the body.

The herb is regarded as the most popular Bawbk western Performance in terms of relaxation. And improve memory as well.  Pharmacological studies to find ingredients.  Or active ingredients are contained in the Asiatic Pennywort.  We found that The compounds are glycolic Bawbk site (Glycosides) many of them showed resistance to oxidation reactions. (Antioxidation), which resulted in reducing the degeneration of cells.  Different organs of the body.

In addition, also found that glycolic compound obtained from the website Bawbk also result in the acceleration. Biosyntheses of collagen (Collagen), the structure of the skin was used to stimulate wound healing in the body faster.

Asiatic Pennywort water, nutrients. Vitamin A is very high. Nourishes the eye and contains calcium as well.  We also have a higher vitamin rich vegetables, many patients feel better in the bruises disappeared.  Cure crave hot water. The one-sided headache. Brain, heart tonic. This weakness, fatigue as well.  Prevent high blood pressure.  If food is cooked on an open Yong-week high blood pressure is reduced. The otter is also a power to destroy cancer cells.  Reduce inflammation and heal ulcers in the stomach and bowel.  The circulation of the blood. Blood clots faster. The diuretic.

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